Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Lunchtime in the city

Took a walk in my lunch break the other day, and thought I would share the experience with you.

I walked past the branch of an insurance company - think bank branch in terms of set up - a counter and a spot for people to queue.

Anyway, this particular company has a current promotion to do with health insurance, so they decided to set up a bed in the window of the shop, and hired a model to sit in the bed and wave to people as they walked past along the street.

Now seeing this unusual site got me thinking - first of all, how terribly unrealistic. I doubt anybody in a hospital bed would ever look that well. But secondly, the sheer tackiness of the stunt got me thinking that there is a fine line between gimmick for publicity, and doing something tacky that ultimately impacts on the credibility of the organisation.

Then I thought of it from the model's perspective. Imagine her going a dinner party, and people asking her what she does for a living.
"I sit in a bed and wave to people all day," would be her response.

A demeaning job? or is it?

And who am I to judge anyway. What do I do for a living - I sit in an office all day and attempt to fight the evil forces that are incompetence, office politics and lack of knowledge and communication. In fact, compared to my job, sitting in a bed all day waving to people doesn't sound too bad. I wonder if there is a spot in that bed for me!!!